Board Certified Family Law Trial Specialist*
Board Certified Family Law Trial Specialist*

Divorce Attorney In Nassau County

Ending a marriage involves significant financial and personal risks, from the division of assets to protecting the interests of children. At the Law Office of Barton R. Resnicoff in Nassau County, New York, I provide a range of services to guide my clients through the divorce process.

I am a Board Certified Family Law Trial Specialist* by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Having limited my practice to matters of matrimonial and family law for over 40 years, I have honed the skills it takes to resolve divorces as practically as possible — sparing clients from unnecessary financial and emotional costs.

Whether you are involved in a high-asset divorce, a case with children or a less complicated divorce, the best approach to divorce varies.

Is Your Case A Fault Divorce Or A No-Fault Divorce?

New York law allows for both fault and no-fault divorces. However, it is very rarely necessary or appropriate to raise the issue of fault. To obtain a no-fault divorce requires a party to represent that the marriage has irretrievably broken down for six months or more and that all the ancillary issues — custody, support, distribution of assets — have been provided for by agreement or court order.

If appropriate, a fault-based divorce can be granted based upon adultery, cruel and inhuman treatment, or constructive or actual abandonment. In addition, if there is an existing separation agreement (or judgment of separation) properly filed, it can be used as a basis for a conversion divorce. However, there are certain issues, primarily distribution of assets, that cannot be done in an action for separation, but only in a divorce action.

Child Custody And Divorce

Child custody is often the most contentious issue of divorce. Prolonged, adversarial child custody disputes can be very hard on children, and I strive to help my clients reach practical custody solutions to avoid this.

Custody and support issues must be resolved before a judge will sign off on a divorce. Child support is based upon specific guidelines set forth in the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), and minimal support obligations must be complied with or justified by a very good reason, or a judge will not approve the support nor grant the divorce. As your lawyer, I will aim to reach a child support arrangement that is appropriate under the CSSA and suits your needs and those of your children).

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I represent clients in Nassau County, Queens County, Suffolk County and the surrounding areas. To discuss how I can be of assistance in your divorce, please call 516-441-7432 or schedule a consultation online.

*The National Board of Trial Advocacy is not affiliated with any governmental authority. Certification is not a requirement for the practice of law in the State of New York and does not necessarily indicate greater competence than other attorneys experienced in this field of law.

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