Board Certified Family Law Trial Specialist*
Board Certified Family Law Trial Specialist*

Child Custody Attorney In Nassau County

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Whether you are going through a divorce or are unmarried, it is important that you understand the basics of New York’s child custody laws in order to protect your own well-being and that of your child or children.

Having limited my practice to matters of family law for more than 40 years, I take pride in my long-standing commitment to resolving custody disputes in the best interests of children. Located in Lake Success, I offer legal counsel in child custody cases in Nassau County, Queens County, Suffolk County and the surrounding areas. I also handle interstate cases, when one parent does not live in New York.

Types Of Child Custody In New York

Physical custody: Physical custody refers to residential custody. Typically, the court will grant sole physical custody of the child or children to one parent. As the custodial parent, he or she will be responsible for the child’s day-to-day care. His or her house will be the child’s primary residence.

In most cases, the court will grant parenting time or visitation rights to the noncustodial parent. The court may do otherwise when it deems the noncustodial parent’s visitation rights as not beneficial to the child’s interest.

Legal custody: Joint legal custody is often promoted over sole legal custody, as this may be in the best interest of the child or children. In joint legal custody, both parents are awarded the rights to participate in making decisions for the child. This includes education, religion and health.

Temporary custody: This type of custody may be awarded to one or both parents following the filing of a custody case. The court will award a legal and physical custody order once the case is finished.

What Factors Determine Custody

There is no simple formula provided under New York law to decide custody. Courts generally aim to allow the child to maintain significant relationships with both parents, and the following factors may be considered when establishing custody and developing a parenting time schedule:

  • The child’s current relationship with each parent
  • The child’s preferences
  • The home environment of each parent

As a child custody attorney, my goal is to help my clients find practical solutions that suit their needs and those of their children. I am a Board Certified Family Law Trial Specialist* by The National Board of Trial Advocacy, and I am always ready for litigation. However, in many cases, I recommend alternative dispute resolution methods to allow parents to resolve disputes outside of court.

Utilization Of A Writ Of Habeas Corpus On Custody

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*The National Board of Trial Advocacy is not affiliated with any governmental authority. Certification is not a requirement for the practice of law in the State of New York and does not necessarily indicate greater competence than other attorneys experienced in this field of law.

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